Highest standard of Care in Integrative and Sustainable Medicine


The Chiron Clinic

Offering the highest standard of care in Integegrative and Sustainable Medicine

/ky-ron/: the compassionate fusion of the art of medicine & the art of education


Upcoming Workshops


Mindfulness Meditation
Monday 9-10am
Tuesday 6-7pm

Schedule an hour of restorative, stress-reducing relaxation with our positive psychology expert
Dr. Vanda.


First course starting October 6th

Prepare for a calm, comfortable, fear-free birth in our internationally acclaimed five-week programme. 

First Tuesday of each month

Two hours of invaluable techniques to calm you and put things in perspective when finding your feet as a new mother. 


Sustainable Health & Wellness

Sustainable medicine is a new paradigm in Health & Wellness that recognises that establishing long-term health requires us looking beyond simply treating symptoms but finding the root cause. Sustainable Healthcare strives to provide the best of both conventional medicine and traditional and natural medicine in an integrative and individualised approach that preserves and perpetuates balance, bringing patients physical, emotional and spiritual healing. 


What We Do

Welcome to the Chiron Clinic. We offer the highest standard of care in integrative and sustainable medicine. The Chiron Clinic is focused on sustainable health rather than illness, and with our multi-service clinic we utilize a range of modalities and health practices to bring balance to each of our patients.