Dr. Caecilia Verlinden

Specialist in Family Medicine

Dr. Caecilia earned her medical degree in 2008 at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. While working as a general doctor in psychiatry and internal medicine, she went on to complete her Family Medicine Training in 2013 at University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMCU), The Netherlands and work as a Specialist in Family Medicine. During this time she further specialised in Anthroposophical medicine and combined regular general practice with complementary medicines and therapies. She also has a special interest in small surgery, psychology and palliative care.

Dr. Caecilia joined The Chiron Clinic in September 2018 and here she is fulfilling her personal mission to integrate modern and complementary medicine to optimise patient care, with a focus on lifestyle changes, restoring long-term health by taking each patient's environment and character into account, and prevention of chronic diseases. 

“I have always been inspired by nature, music, dance, meditation, food, and sport and experienced how your lifestyle keeps yourself healthy. As a doctor, I love to help my patients with finding the lifestyle that fits them and restoring the balance that is often lost when someone is ill."

Her interest in preventative medicine extends to global public health, and her vision on the organisation of healthcare has led her to practice as chair of a GP group on Politics and Society and to participate in policy making in the European Committee for GP’s (UEMO).


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