Dr. Karla Morrison

General Practitioner

Dr. Karla received her MBChB degree from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa in 2008. She went on to spend three years working in some of the poorest communities in South Africa, dividing her time between primary clinics, in-hospital care and trauma/casualty. She also spent a rewarding six months working in a very busy paediatric department (including NICU experience).

Dr. Karla moved to Dubai in 2012 where she initially worked in City Hospital’s emergency department before moving to to an outpatient clinic at the end of 2013. She has been practicing as a GP in Dubai ever since.

Her passion is children and family medicine, with special interests in lifestyle/preventative medicine and general wellbeing checkups, and places high value on a multi-disciplinary approach to health and collaborating with other practitioners to bring optimal healing to her patients. 


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