The Medi-lite Diet

The Medi-lite program is a perfect blend between the consumption of high-grade low-carbohydrate/sugar catabolic foods, balancing blood sugar, and reaching optimal ketosis aimed at increasing your metabolism and shedding that unwanted fat. Catabolic foods requires more calories to burn the food than we actually get from consuming the food. 

A well-balanced blood sugar level is key to your overall wellbeing and to successful weight loss. In doing so, your energy will feel great, your moods will feel stable, you will feel greater clarity of mind, hormones will come into balance, cravings will disappear and your overall risk of major chronic disease is reduced.

The last piece of this program is optimal ketosis. Ketosis is the state in which the body uses fat for energy and ketones are produced in the process. Your level of ketosis can be monitored and maintained with a simple dip-stick urine test which will be provided for you. Because the Medi-lite program limits the intake of carbohydrates and ensures each meal is paired with adequate proteins and good quality fat, there will be a shift from glucose to fat for energy production. This is when the greatest weight loss results occur.

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